Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June 22

It's been a while since I last updated the blog and I feel that my communication with the community and my mentor has been poor and scarce. I really need to improve in this aspect, because many people are interested in the project and expect a lot from it.

Talking about the progress of the project, my mentor gave me some directions last week, which I haven't had the chance to put in practice, because of some technical difficulties I've found. The problem is starting to frustrate me, because I'm falling behind my schedule and I still have to deal with units and the second part of the project.

I felt that I needed to test the code with images with more elements or detail, so I began to investigate how to work with OSM data in mapnik. Townguide's installation manual was very helpful in this respect. After solving some issues with the postgis database (the nodes table wasn't created when I imported the data using osm2pgsql) I finally manged to create an map. However, this map looks like the following:

When it should look like this:

The second image was produced with townguide-py, Waldemar's project, with mapnik 1 behind and the first one with the new branch, mapnik_resolution. The problem may be caused by some code I introduced lately because Waldemar rendered the map using my branch (latest committed changes) and it looked fine. I'll go back to the previous revision and make the changes one by one to detect the problem.

My next move was to merge trunk with my branch. To incorporate the changes in trunk, I issued the following command:

svn merge -r 1796:HEAD svn+ssh://svn@svn.mapnik.org/trunk

Revision 1796 is the snapshot of the repository from which the branch was created. While the merging was being executed, conflicts arose; I accepted the changes completely because I wanted mine to be overwritten. However, the changes from trunk were applied, but my changes were still there, which caused a failure when I built the code.

Then I decided to copy it, like this:

svn copy svn+ssh://svn@svn.mapnik.org/trunk svn+ssh://svn@svn.mapnik.org/branches/mapnik_resolution

But this only created a directory for trunk inside the branch. I need to get help to do it.

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