Friday, 2 April 2010

What is this blog about?

'Better Print Support' is a set of ideas for improving the quality and flexibility of the printing capabilities of Mapnik ( that might become a real project for working over the summer.

This blog has the following intentions:

  • To be a place where I can collect definitions of GIS, mapping and cartography concepts (so I can go back here later in case I forget them).
  • To be a place where I can summarize my understanding of Mapnik's architecture and code.
  • To be a place to write ideas for the project, available to anyone in the Mapnik community to comment on them.

Another reason for opening this blog is that there's now a lot of ideas, knowledge, and explanations I have received from the Mapnik community members through replies in the mailing list that are somehow difficult to keep track of because of the way the mailing list is formatted.