Saturday, 24 April 2010



In my proposal I included a list of topics that would help me be prepared for working in the project. This is that list and the things I've been doing in each:

I've spent this last week of the community bonding period studying the code base. My main activity has been the construction of a class diagram in which I'm including almost every detail of the implementation. This diagram may not be useful for someone trying to get a general picture of Mapnik's design, but is useful to me in two ways:

  • It lets me explore the relationships between classes, allowing me to identify the areas of the code that are concerned with scaling/resolution.
  • I'm learning a lot by just reading the implementation. There are many C++ idioms I didn't know about and many Boost objects are used throughout the code.
I plan to finish the diagram this weekend so I can start doing the things in my schedule right away.


  1. great stuff carlos.

    Feel free to post patches to any of those mapnik-utils code examples, if you made any changes which fixed things or made them more useful as examples. They are fairly old, but ones I created when I was learning :)

    Also, another good book that covers some basic topics is: