Wednesday, 26 May 2010

May 26

These are/were today's activities:

  • I applied patch of ticket 343. Although I tried to apply the patch automatically, I found that the code I downloaded (tags/release-0.7.0) already had some of the changes (agg_renderer mainly). I introduced the changes manually and recompiled.
  • To run the test script of ticket 343, I installed Postgresql-Postgis, imported some data and generated the include files of osm.xml. However, I run into an error saying that some columns are not present in my database. I'll fix this to continue with running the patch.
I consider that reading through the code has been a very useful activity, since I'm starting to see where scaling parameters might be placed. However, it seems that many elements of the code are concerned with scaling (strokes, text, etc.) and it may be difficult to identify all of them.

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